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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 32
11:32:30 You: chat
11:32:30 iBot: Do you love me?
11:32:34 You: no
11:32:34 iBot: Why not?
11:33:01 You: because i'ts the true
11:33:01 iBot: How?
11:33:23 You: like that
11:33:24 iBot: Do you remember what we talked about earlier?
11:33:41 You: yeah, it wasn't intresting
11:33:42 iBot: Have you a boyfriend?
11:33:47 You: no
11:33:47 iBot: Why not?
11:34:02 You: because i don't want to have one
11:34:03 iBot: Can you prove the you are uncensored?
11:34:16 You: i'm uncensored ?
11:34:16 iBot: Yes.
11:34:26 You: and you ?
11:34:26 iBot: I am a boy.
11:34:35 You: what a joke
11:34:35 iBot: I don't know.
11:34:41 You: what a joke
11:34:42 iBot: I said I dont know.
11:34:56 You: oh i see
11:34:56 iBot: Do you?
11:35:06 You: i don't know either
11:35:06 iBot: Whatever?
11:35:11 You: yeah
11:35:12 iBot: How long are you?
11:36:06 You: it depends if i found this conversation interesting
11:36:06 iBot: Cool.
11:36:36 You: i guess you are here for a long time
11:36:36 iBot: Can you sleep with me tonight?