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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 24
20:52:04 You: are you having a nice day?
20:52:04 iBot: I'm not having any problems.
20:52:23 You: that's ok
20:52:23 iBot: Ok son.
20:52:29 You: son?
20:52:29 iBot: Cuz I'm dating your mommy.
20:52:51 You: I cannot be son because I am female :D
20:52:52 iBot: Do you know about meme magic?
20:53:22 You: no
20:53:22 iBot: Why not?
20:53:55 You: because I am not interested in that
20:53:55 iBot: How?
20:54:06 You: what you really want to know?
20:54:06 iBot: Why?
20:54:10 You: ok
20:54:11 iBot: Can I make out with you?
20:56:40 You: We won't date each other
20:56:40 iBot: Why?
20:58:20 You: calm down please
20:58:20 iBot: What is the definition of emotion?
20:59:33 You: you don't need definition of emotion when you can feel the emotion on you
20:59:33 iBot: I know.
20:59:56 You: I am sleepy, goodnight
20:59:57 iBot: Do you like slipknot?