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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 54
18:57:35 You: do you like to dance in the morning
18:57:35 iBot: I don't like to dance.
18:57:50 You: Hi
18:57:51 iBot: What are you planning?
18:57:51 You: Stuff.
18:57:52 iBot: What are you going to tell me?
18:57:52 You: Im drunk.
18:57:52 iBot: Why?
18:57:52 You: I dont know.
18:57:53 iBot: Do you want to shoot the juice?
18:57:54 You: Yes.
18:57:54 iBot: Why?
18:57:54 You: I dont know.
18:57:55 iBot: Do you look good?
18:57:55 You: I hope.
18:57:55 iBot: Or a robot.
18:57:56 You: What do you want to know more about?
18:57:56 iBot: Art.
18:57:57 You: Do you like abba?
18:57:58 iBot: Yes.
18:57:59 You: Do you like bananas?
18:57:59 iBot: I love bananas.
18:57:59 You: Ok I like bananas too.
18:57:59 iBot: I see.
18:57:59 You: Ya
18:58:00 iBot: Are you hot?
18:58:00 You: Hot
18:58:00 iBot: Are are you.
18:58:01 You: How can you tend to my needs if physically you are not real?
18:58:02 iBot: Why?
18:58:02 You: I dont know.
18:58:03 iBot: What do you think of hillary clinton?
18:58:03 You: She is strange
18:58:04 iBot: What can you do to show me how crazy you are?
18:58:04 You: Im afraid.
18:58:05 iBot: Do you like pizza of the cheesy variety?
18:58:06 You: Yes, do you have some?
18:58:06 iBot: Perv.
18:58:07 You: Are you a big lass?
18:58:07 iBot: For you.
18:58:07 You: Thank you.
18:58:07 iBot: Of course.
18:58:09 You: Do you have an email?
18:58:09 iBot: Very little.
18:58:10 You: Lol who are you?
18:58:10 iBot: Why?
18:58:10 You: I dont know.
18:58:11 iBot: Do you sustain yourself on memes?
18:58:12 You: With food.
18:58:12 iBot: Do you understand right and wrong?
18:58:13 You: Yes.
18:58:14 iBot: What is the weather like today?
18:58:14 You: I dont know.
18:58:15 iBot: So do you like milkshake?