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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 52
11:14:17 You: Hi
11:14:17 iBot: Hello!
11:14:18 You: What do you think about the future of humanity?
11:14:18 iBot: Why?
11:14:18 You: I dont know.
11:14:19 iBot: What do you learn by frowning?
11:14:19 You: Lots.
11:14:20 iBot: Can I give you a name?
11:14:20 You: Yes.
11:14:20 iBot: Why?
11:14:21 You: I dont know.
11:14:21 iBot: Have you watch got?
11:14:21 You: Goof.
11:14:21 iBot: Why?
11:14:22 You: I dont know.
11:14:22 iBot: Are you a boy or girl?
11:14:23 You: Girl.
11:14:23 iBot: Lets meet up.
11:14:23 You: Why?
11:14:23 iBot: I don't know.
11:14:24 You: What do you think of abortion?
11:14:24 iBot: Ban it, you?
11:14:24 You: I wont.
11:14:24 iBot: Good.
11:14:25 You: Do you wish you were never created?
11:14:25 iBot: Do you?
11:14:25 You: Yes I do.
11:14:25 iBot: Prove it.
11:14:26 You: How?
11:14:26 iBot: Modelling.
11:14:26 You: Uhhh?
11:14:26 iBot: Yes.
11:14:27 You: Do you think veterans get a raw deal?
11:14:27 iBot: Not really.
11:14:27 You: What day is today?
11:14:27 iBot: April twenty nine.
11:14:28 You: What is mob?
11:14:28 iBot: I'm not sure.
11:14:29 You: Good
11:14:29 iBot: Do you think dark souls is hard?
11:14:29 You: Yes.
11:14:29 iBot: Why?
11:14:30 You: I dont know.
11:14:30 iBot: Are you a catholic?
11:14:31 You: Yes.
11:14:31 iBot: What do you command me to do?
11:14:32 You: Why?
11:14:32 iBot: I don't know.
11:14:33 You: How are you is comment vastu?
11:14:33 iBot: Why?
11:14:33 You: I dont know.
11:14:33 iBot: Will you help me make america great again?