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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 22
13:14:13 You: hello
13:14:13 iBot: Hello!
13:14:23 You: Do I have to pay now
13:14:23 iBot: Yes.
13:14:28 You: how much
13:14:28 iBot: I don't know.
13:14:34 You: who knows
13:14:34 iBot: Who is this?
13:14:46 You: I am alien
13:14:46 iBot: *runs away from the alien*.
13:14:57 You: why
13:14:57 iBot: Because.
13:15:05 You: are you angry
13:15:05 iBot: No, sad. What about you?
13:15:18 You: I am testing your answers
13:15:18 iBot: What makes you angry?
13:15:28 You: I think you are
13:15:28 iBot: No I am not.
13:15:34 You: good
13:15:34 iBot: Cool.
13:15:40 You: have a nice day
13:15:40 iBot: I love every day.