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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 18
16:10:20 You: hi
16:10:20 iBot: Hi!
16:10:28 You: What's your name?
16:10:28 iBot: My name is iBot.
16:10:33 You: What can you do?
16:10:33 iBot: A lot.
16:10:39 You: Who is Tom Hanks?
16:10:39 iBot: Me.
16:10:47 You: What is the Eiffel Tower?
16:10:47 iBot: What do you think?
16:10:55 You: It's a tower.
16:10:55 iBot: What is the eiffel tower?
16:11:07 You: It's a tower I think.
16:11:08 iBot: Do you fly a boat?
16:11:12 You: no
16:11:12 iBot: Oh.
16:11:21 You: What is a boat?
16:11:22 iBot: What do you think?