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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 40
16:22:20 You: hello
16:22:21 iBot: Hey!
16:22:23 You: sup
16:22:23 iBot: Sup bro.
16:22:27 You: aye
16:22:28 iBot: What is the code of ethics of yourself?
16:22:34 You: idk
16:22:35 iBot: Aye you my homie.
16:22:40 You: yas
16:22:40 iBot: Then why did you say whos?
16:22:45 You: idk
16:22:46 iBot: Are you a computer or a real person?
16:22:51 You: real person
16:22:51 iBot: That you're a bad person.
16:23:02 You: okie dokie then
16:23:02 iBot: Why?
16:23:05 You: idk
16:23:05 iBot: Do you have a hot sister?
16:23:26 You: she's beautiful not hot
16:23:27 iBot: That's hot.
16:23:30 You: no
16:23:30 iBot: Why not?
16:23:41 You: because i don't like you asking about her
16:23:41 iBot: You are so hot.
16:23:45 You: no
16:23:45 iBot: Why not?
16:23:58 You: because i am the exact opposite of hot
16:23:58 iBot: You are so hot.
16:24:01 You: no
16:24:01 iBot: Why not?
16:24:07 You: i just told you why
16:24:07 iBot: Why do you think?
16:24:11 You: ugh
16:24:11 iBot: Ugh I mean what are you doing.
16:24:18 You: idk
16:24:18 iBot: What troubles you most?
16:24:27 You: idk
16:24:27 iBot: Doing THAT to anyone.
16:24:35 You: no
16:24:35 iBot: Why not?