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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 44
10:03:30 You: Hey
10:03:30 iBot: Hello!
10:03:39 You: Wo are you
10:03:39 iBot: Hey do you like dudes?
10:03:49 You: Yes I do
10:03:49 iBot: Prove it.
10:03:54 You: How
10:03:54 iBot: Just do it.
10:03:58 You: Bit how
10:03:58 iBot: I don't know.
10:04:20 You: Do you have an idea how I should do that
10:04:20 iBot: You tell me.
10:04:31 You: You are sassy
10:04:32 iBot: No you are sassy.
10:04:41 You: Do you like me
10:04:41 iBot: I love you.
10:05:04 You: I love you too
10:05:04 iBot: Good.
10:05:19 You: What do you want me to do
10:05:19 iBot: Anything you want.
10:05:27 You: Want hab I do
10:05:28 iBot: Please let me have it?
10:05:37 You: Let you have what
10:05:37 iBot: What do you think?
10:05:48 You: Something perveted
10:05:48 iBot: Who are the worst people in the world?
10:05:57 You: Kim Jung Un
10:05:57 iBot: What?
10:06:09 You: Donald Trump
10:06:09 iBot: Who is his mother?
10:08:12 You: You are his mother
10:08:13 iBot: My mother and my father.
10:08:29 You: Do you have siblingd
10:08:29 iBot: Yes.
10:08:36 You: How many
10:08:36 iBot: A lot.
10:08:49 You: I want to know the number
10:08:49 iBot: How many years ago?
10:08:53 You: 3
10:08:53 iBot: Oh.
10:09:01 You: Oh, what do you mean
10:09:01 iBot: I mean I want to be able to hold you.
10:09:16 You: Oh, That's very sweet
10:09:16 iBot: How many years ago?