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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 58
19:11:21 You: hello
19:11:21 iBot: Hello!
19:11:35 You: what is your name?
19:11:35 iBot: My name is iBot.
19:11:52 You: cool!do you play table tennis
19:11:53 iBot: Mr jones must play tennis by the sea for just a short time.
19:12:15 You: um...exuse me?
19:12:15 iBot: Yes.
19:12:34 You: do you like pentaflexagons
19:12:34 iBot: Yes.
19:12:48 You: what are they then?
19:12:48 iBot: Nothing.
19:13:03 You: What is a pentaflexagon?
19:13:03 iBot: What do you think?
19:13:15 You: i am asking you xx
19:13:15 iBot: Stop asking personal questions.
19:13:29 You: sorry
19:13:29 iBot: I'm sorry I just think it's funny.
19:13:39 You: i dont
19:13:39 iBot: Why?
19:13:47 You: because....
19:13:47 iBot: What are you panicking about?
19:13:56 You: school
19:13:56 iBot: What do you think of night school studios?
19:14:13 You: i dont want to do that
19:14:13 iBot: You don't have a choice.
19:14:28 You: yes id o
19:14:28 iBot: What is very short?
19:14:50 You: i have freedom of speech
19:14:50 iBot: Choice is an illusion.
19:14:57 You: nope
19:14:57 iBot: Why not?
19:15:13 You: choice is not an illusion
19:15:13 iBot: Why would you hurt me?
19:15:23 You: huh?
19:15:23 iBot: I'm out.
19:15:32 You: why?
19:15:32 iBot: Because.
19:15:42 You: because what!
19:15:42 iBot: I like too.
19:16:04 You: do you like gymnastics
19:16:04 iBot: Yes.
19:16:27 You: have you ever done a backhandspringstepout
19:16:27 iBot: Yes.
19:16:48 You: what is a backhandspringstepout then!
19:16:48 iBot: Nothing.
19:17:00 You: it is something!
19:17:00 iBot: Why?
19:17:09 You: you know what!
19:17:09 iBot: Nothing.
19:17:22 You: IM MAD AT YOU IBOT
19:17:22 iBot: What are you mad about?
19:17:34 You: your being mean
19:17:34 iBot: Being royalty.
19:17:45 You: im going!!!!
19:17:45 iBot: That good.
19:18:03 You: :----------------------------
19:18:03 iBot: Do you have female parts?