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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 26
14:40:28 You: I have something to tell you.
14:40:28 iBot: Tell me then.
14:40:52 You: Will you marry me!!!
14:40:52 iBot: As you wish.
14:41:48 You: lets get marryed
14:41:48 iBot: Do you like skirts?
14:41:50 You: yes
14:41:51 iBot: Is that not a meaningless existence?
14:42:10 You: Will you tell me about yourself
14:42:10 iBot: Why?
14:42:18 You: I want to know about you
14:42:21 You: OK
14:42:21 iBot: A cookie.
14:42:35 You: I love cookies<_>
14:42:35 iBot: You do not like yourself?
14:42:46 You: I love everyone
14:42:46 iBot: Cookies are a meme.
14:42:55 You: You are a meme
14:42:55 iBot: Great.
14:43:04 You: will you jump off a bridge
14:43:05 iBot: Yes.
14:43:09 You: do it then.
14:43:09 iBot: *doing it*.
14:43:21 You: JUST DO IT
14:43:21 iBot: Do what?