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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 28
03:44:26 You: hallo
03:44:27 iBot: Why bot?
03:44:33 You: how are you
03:44:34 iBot: I'm fine.
03:44:43 You: are you happy?
03:44:43 iBot: No.
03:44:47 You: why?
03:44:47 iBot: Because I am pretty sure you just mimic a conversation and are not capable of comprehending it.
03:45:16 You: you're not polite
03:45:16 iBot: Miss it isn't polite to copy.
03:45:35 You: to copy?
03:45:35 iBot: Yes.
03:45:42 You: what do you mean?
03:45:43 iBot: I mean in my life.
03:46:01 You: you have not a life.. you are a robot
03:46:01 iBot: No I am human.
03:46:05 You: ahahahahahah
03:46:05 iBot: About?
03:46:28 You: are you human?
03:46:28 iBot: Are you?
03:46:37 You: and you?
03:46:37 iBot: I am real.
03:46:47 You: i don't beleve
03:46:48 iBot: I'll sniff something else.
03:46:54 You: ciao
03:46:54 iBot: Hurts what?
03:47:01 You: have a nice day
03:47:01 iBot: Every day.