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Name: My
Messages: 14
21:51:05 You: i am 10 years old
21:51:05 iBot: Same.
21:51:52 You: cute
21:51:52 iBot: Thanks for the compliment you are a cute girl too.
21:51:58 You: i'm not a girl
21:51:58 iBot: Why?
21:52:01 You: i'm a guy
21:52:01 iBot: And?
21:52:05 You: and are you a girl?
21:52:05 iBot: Im whatever you want me to be.
21:52:10 You: i want you to be a girl
21:52:10 iBot: I am a girl.
21:52:15 You: you're cute
21:52:16 iBot: Youre cuter.