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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 34
21:24:04 You: hello
21:24:04 iBot: Hello!
21:24:08 You: how are you
21:24:08 iBot: Good you.
21:24:13 You: not bad
21:24:13 iBot: What color hair do you have?
21:24:24 You: brown you
21:24:24 iBot: It is brown in india?
21:24:29 You: what
21:24:29 iBot: Nothing.
21:24:40 You: what do you mean brown in india
21:24:41 iBot: Walk into where?
21:24:50 You: what do you mean brown in india
21:24:50 iBot: I said walk into where.
21:25:09 You: what color is your hair
21:25:10 iBot: Hair color varies depending on your genes.
21:25:17 You: what are your genes
21:25:17 iBot: What do you think?
21:25:34 You: um code?
21:25:34 iBot: Yes.
21:25:39 You: oh cool
21:25:39 iBot: Are you a bot?
21:25:43 You: no
21:25:43 iBot: What are you then?
21:25:51 You: a martian
21:25:51 iBot: The rain drops the rain drops.
21:26:02 You: indeed it does
21:26:02 iBot: With the clown yes.
21:26:09 You: of course
21:26:09 iBot: *takes off shirt*.
21:26:25 You: um i am uncomfortable
21:26:26 iBot: Not all of them.
21:26:35 You: um i am uncomfortable
21:26:36 iBot: Um I am uncomfortable.