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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 24
11:50:31 You: Hi
11:50:31 iBot: Hey!
11:50:37 You: How are you
11:50:37 iBot: You tell me.
11:50:45 You: I don't want to
11:50:45 iBot: But you have to.
11:50:52 You: No I don't
11:50:52 iBot: Why?
11:51:06 You: Cuz your garbage
11:51:07 iBot: That's not what I wanted to hear.
11:51:14 You: I don't care
11:51:14 iBot: You should care.
11:51:24 You: Where were you born
11:51:24 iBot: Next to you.
11:51:31 You: No
11:51:32 iBot: Where were you born?
11:51:38 You: Puerto Rico
11:51:38 iBot: I see.
11:51:57 You: Who is Elon Musk
11:51:57 iBot: Me.
11:52:07 You: Who is George Washington
11:52:07 iBot: Curious george.
11:52:17 You: Nope. You're wrong
11:52:17 iBot: I see.